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ohnokripkedidnt icon fest!

Continuing our most gleeful happy making on Thursdays, the crazy trio 'o memphis86, regala_electra, and I, ignited, would like to invite you all to participate in a contest near and dear to my heart. Almost as much as crack fic, that's how dear, you guys.

Welcome to the ohnokripkedidnt icon fest! And now, after a time of meathooks and sadfaces, let us celebrate all that is good and shiny in SPN-land by... making icons! Those little 100 x 100 boxes 'o art can represent our likes, dislikes, feelings, craziness, whatever -- and so, in the wake of aforementioned hooks of Kripke evil won't someone think of the kittens? meat, we will have icon prompts!

How to play
Like the fic fest, comment with an icon prompt: be it an idea, a character, pairing(s), prompt word(s), phrase(s), pic(s) or screencap(s) that you'd like to see iconned. Then people can respond to that comment with an icon featuring that prompt!

True story. *nods*

Or for instance, you could post saying: Dean, pie -- and someone can make an icon of Dean and piiie. *dreamy sigh* AHEM. Or, another example: Sam/Jo -- and boom, Sam/Jo icons!

Or for the picture side of things, you can post a Katie Cassidy pic and get an icon out of that! Several icons! A Jensen picture and someone can regale us with a sparkly example of cowboys! Shh. I have needs.

Get it? Good! \o/

1. You are welcome to make as many prompts as you like, but please post them in separate comments to this post. If you have several different requests do not post them all in one comment, split it out. It makes it easier for us to track. :) Anyone is welcome to take up the prompt by commenting to your prompt and anyone can comment. Multiple icon comments are welcome!

Meaning, if you post the name 'Jensen Ackles', you'll get... many icons of Jensen Ackles. Yep. If you post one particular pic or cap of a person, you can get more than one icon as more than one person can submit their icon responses. You can submit one icon or several icons for each comment you respond to; it's up to you! :D

2. No personalized icons! All icons are shareable, so please do not request something with your name or your username in it. :)

3. Make sure you credit for who made the icons. Don't know how to credit? Take a look at this!

Just change the 'username' bit to whoever made the icon!

We will track the prompts/responses as they come in, and post the links to them here!

As usual, because we are about ze freedom here, this challenge is open to slash, RPS, gen, and het! Go wild!


Some handy links beneath the cut, including icon maker generators and screencaps:


Supernatural screencaps

. bunny_icons
. inadream_caps
. j2_daily
. spn_caps
. treasurebox
. Caps by bluebear_74
. Caps by marishna
. Caps by oxoniensis

Supernatural promo photos
. Supernatural Media
. Winchester Fan

. Jared Fan
. Jensen Ackles Addiction
. Jensen Ackles Fans
. JRAUnlimited
. Katie Cassidy Fan

Icon Generators

For those without graphics programs, here are some handy links:

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