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"Make Kripke Kry!" A Fantastic Fic Fest

On this, the second week anniversary of having a certain giggly gentleman RIPPING out our hearts (using meathooks? Oh yes, I think so!), the unholy triumvirate of myself, memphis86, and ignited hereby welcome you to the first happytime making fic meme at ohnokripkedidnt!!

Happiness is not just a warm gun, it's fic that doesn't involve bloodied Winchesters! It involves happy, non-meathooked BOYS and perhaps Bobby Singers, Ghostfacers, Rubys, or even Belas if such is your thing. And especially Henriksens. Poor, poor Henriksens. *lights a candle*

Ahem, so anyway, this is a mash-up of schmoop and porn fics! And to be honest, scorchingly hot porn always brightens my day, but hey if you're not feeling up to the sexin', don't be afraid to still jump in and play! ;-)

How to Play Like a VIKING:

Comment to this post with your characters, pairing(s), and any kind of prompt word(s), pic(s) or phrase(s), to serve as a prompt.

You are welcome to make as many prompts as you like, but please post them in separate comments to this post. If you have several different requests do not post them all in one comment, split it out. It makes it easier for us to track. :-) Anyone is welcome to take up the prompt by commenting to your prompt and anyone can comment. Multiple fic comments are welcome! We will track the prompts/responses as they come in, and post the links to them here!

As freeeeeedom ("no moar meathooks!"=freedom FYI) is our rallying cry, this challenge is open to slash, RPS, gen, and het. Whatever floats your boat, y'all.

The Sparkly Balloons!!11! Special Rule: We are dedicated in our pursuit of being anti-Kripke and in that tradition, we are not letting any Kripkes join in on our reindeer games. J2 and other such CW-RPF is allowed, but to spite the eeeeeeevil of Eric "I Eat The Livers of Virgin Children From 3rd World Countries" Kripke, don't invoke him in any schmoop/happymaking fic.

Memphis would like to add that Jensen Ackles has a penis and is apparently male. Do with that information as you will.

So, we've got porn schmoop fic to do.

The Road Fic of JOY so far:

__tiana__ - J2, Jensen dressing Jared
haloisbent - How Bobby Singer Got His Hat Back
affectingly - J2, finding excuses to call each other during hiatus
samescenes - Sam/Dean/Jess, a bent quarter, railroad tracks
samescenes - Jared/Jensen: picking out bedroom furniture together
caithream - Dean/OFC, first blowjob as a teenager
celtic_cookie - Sam has a thing for motorcycles
dreamlittleyo - Dean/Sam, Dean opens a PIE shop. Sam is embarrassed but goes with it.
dreamlittleyo - Sam/Dean, digital camera
dreamlittleyo - Sam/Dean, lazying in a meadow, Spring
dreamlittleyo - Dean/Sam, snowball fight in Hell
dreamlittleyo - Sam gets cursed with puppy-dog ears and a tail
dreamlittleyo - Sam/Dean/Jo, buildings, power lines and a dark sky
dreamlittleyo - Dean/Sam, unresolved sexual tension
ellerigbe - wee!chesters, Bobby, and Penguins
ellerigbe - Dean flapping his arms and clucking
fated_addiction - girl!Sam/Dean, preseries - an old cabin, a bloodhound, team Edward shoes
enablelove - J2, graffiti
enablelove - Jared/Jensen, BABIES!
hegemony - J2 invoking the line: I accidentally cross-dressed today. and continues here
hegemony - Sam/Dean, Sam has a thing for motorcycles
hegemony - Sam/Dean, Sam and Dean get stoned
hegemony - girl!Dean/Sam, going down on her after sex
hkath - J2, Go Fish
hkath - Ride operator!Jared and amusement park character!Jensen, after the park is closed
ifyouweremine - Dean/Jo, pegging, losing a bet
ignited - Sam/Dean, Dean must brush Sam's hair to stop an eeeeevil curse
iluvroadrunner6 - Ruby, french fried love
lima_sierra - Jared, freckles on Jensen's shoulders and sharpies
loonymoony - Dean, Sam, Sam turns into a cat
marciaelena - Sam/Dean wall sex
memphis86 - Dean/Henriksen, car chase, blow job
memphis86 - Sam/Dean, Sam is the Lizard Queen (don't drink the water on the It's a Small World ride)
mijmeraar - J2, in which Jensen is afraid of something entirely innocuous, and Jared exploits this fact.
mindykim - Dean pwning a teacher in high school
mindykim - Sam,/Dean, baby
momotastic - Sam/Dean, first kiss and red skies
painting_walls - J2, accidental marriage
honeymull - Ruby, Bobby reading Ayn Rand
honeymull - Sam/Dean, hijinks in an office supply closet
regala_electra - Sam/Jess, going down on her after sex
regala_electra - J2, future!fic, pranks on set
regala_electra - Sam/Dean, Sam doing drunken karaoke, Dean having a thing for Sam singing
rivers_bend - Sam/Dean, unresolved sexual tension resolution
scribblesinink - John/Mary, phone sex
selinamoonfire - Sam & Dean attend a sci-fi convention. In costume. Dean REALLY wants William Shatner's autograph.
shadowpoet89 - Pre-series, Sam pestering Dean while he's trying to get his game on, Dean's POV a la "Tall Tales."
shadowpoet89 - Teenage Dean/voluptuous school nurse!
itsthedetails - John, Sam, Dean, Gen, wee!chesters
itsthedetails - Dean/Sam, Dean is an affectionate drunk
sneaky_sena - J2, cute things
sneaky_sena - Sam/OFC, losing his virginity to an older woman
sneaky_sena - John, Sam, Dean, the Sex Talk
sneaky_sena - Dean, Sam, Teddy Bear Pinic
sprat - J2, amusement park
stare_at_walls - Sam/Dean, laundry day
vinylroad - Dean/OFC, domestic fecund porn
vinylroad - Dean/OFC, first blowjob as a teenager
vorrothiel - Dean is the Banana King
vorrothiel - John, Bobby, Gen, Rainbow Brite
vorrothiel - Bobby meets Indiana Jones, the importance of hats
vorrothiel - AU in which Sammy and Andy bump into each other in a random circumstance
xxsh0tgun - Jared/Sandy, kittens
zelost_mind - Sam/Jo/Dean, a flat tire, broken sunglasses

Thank you, marciaelena for organizing and coding this up-to-date list!

Special thanks and clicky noises go out to girlmostlikely for letting use the format of her meme's as a jumping-off point. WE LOVE YOU LOTS!!


Because pimping is made of so much win, go forth and pimp away using this text in this sexy box:

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